New Leader Assimilation

A new leader in a work group can be an exciting time!  With anticipation of new goals and achievements, the work group positions themselves for “a new beginning”.  At the same time, there can be a disruption of flow when a new leader is appointed.

The team can view new leadership as a significant change and, in some cases, an “emotional event” in their work patterns. In the back of their minds, they recognize the existing organization dynamics are likely to change. Once the new leader begins, efforts are made to learn about him/her. Employees want to identify expectations, hot buttons, priorities, values, and other critical information. In short, employees want to know quickly about the leadership style of the new leader! In turn, new executives want to create the right environment for working together and lead the team to improved results as fast as possible.

New Leader Assimilation is a process that establishes a forum for dialogue between a new leader and the team. The purpose of this dialogue is to discuss their work relationship and the team’s perception of the quality and productivity of their work. A work plan will then be developed to address any concerns for the future.

Key Outcomes

  • Reduce organization “downtime” by six months
  • Maintain continuity of operations and effectiveness during a period of change
  • Allow the new leader to see exactly how the team functions together as a working unit
  • Provide the team with insight in the new leader’s style, practices, and guidelines
  • Highlight strengths and weaknesses of the team
  • Outline goals and priorities for the next 6 to 18 months. Determine alignment with senior leadership

As a value added service, New Leader Assimilation is offered as a part of every search conducted by TowerHunter.

If your employees are already in place yet there is a need to improve effectiveness of team leadership, Leader Assimilation can be delivered to your organization under a separate consulting agreement.

For more information, contact TowerHunter.  You may reach Scott Smith at 602-652-8605 or Terry Hindmarch at 602-652-8604.