Search Process

Successful searches begin with a clear understanding of the process, assignment of responsibilities, and a mutually agreeable timeframe for each step. Every recruitment search is a full-service process. We identify, source, contact, screen, and evaluate candidates who meet your professional recruitment requirements. You receive interview notes on each pre-screened prospect, including qualifications based on the core competencies of the position, educational background, current compensation and employment history. All candidates presented to you will have expressed an interest in your available position.

Here are the three search phases and a brief explanation of each step we’ve found to be the most beneficial progression for our clients:

Phase 1

Develop Organization Profile
We will meet with key executives of your organization to better understand your business culture, mission, strategy, and values to determine what types of leaders will be most successful at your organization. We’ll also compile an overview and distinctive “selling points” of your company to best market your organization to the nation’s top candidates. And finally we’ll consult with the key hiring executive within your organization as well as other stakeholders for further insight into the ideal candidate to fill your position.

Create Position Specification 
We’ll help you pinpoint the roles, responsibilities, and qualifications of the position you want to fill. A detailed position specification will be developed that includes an overview of your organization (to be excluded or generic in confidential search situations). The position specification will focus on what the candidate is expected to accomplish, define what success on the job looks like, and what competencies are required to successfully fulfill the job requirements.

Form Action Plan and Timetable 
We will determine a course of action that will meet all your objectives within an agile timetable that is acceptable to you. We’ll also agree on the most effective means of communicating with you to keep you informed of the search progress and to address any issues that may arise during the process.

Name Generation and Sourcing for Prospects 
With our vast resource capability, we will conduct a national search to identify potential candidates. We can share the information gathered with you in as little or as much detail as you wish. You may find this type of competitive information to be invaluable in the overall attraction and retention strategy of your organization, now and in the future.

Phase 2

Conduct Interview Evaluation Process
Your senior executive search consultant will personally identify, evaluate and recruit potential candidates for your consideration. The top candidates will be thoroughly interviewed and assessed, and a final candidate slate for your review will be compiled. Detailed written interview assessments will be provided as appropriate or requested.

Present Candidate Slate
You will be presented with a manageable number (typically 3-5) of the best qualified and most interested candidates for you to interview personally. We will help coordinate the interview process and obtain feedback from you as well as each candidate following your interviews.

Phase 3

Initiate Reference Checks
Comprehensive reference checks will be conducted on the final candidate or candidates. We generally conduct a full 360-degree background check including feedback from individuals who have managed the candidate, worked as a peer or customer of the candidate, and those who have worked for the candidate. Confidential written reports are available at your request.

Assist in Offer and Acceptance
We will provide our assistance and expertise in facilitating an offer mutually agreeable to you and the candidate. We will customize the process to best fit the situation and ensure a successful conclusion.

Follow Up
TowerHunter will remain in contact with you and the successful candidate to help ensure a smooth transition into the position. We are also available for other valuable services such as facilitating a “new manager assimilation” process that can help expedite a successful transition for your new leader. Our ultimate goal is to make sure your successful candidate becomes a long-term contributor to the success of your organization.