An Introduction to LinkedIn Executive Search

The advancements in technology and the extensive use of social media have opened new doors of opportunities for both recruiters and candidates. Today, approx 95 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn as an effective platform to find the best-suited candidates for the top-level positions for their clients. Keyword searches are one of the standard methods of searching the top-notch candidates with relevant skills and accomplishments. This process involves searching previous employers, contacts, and their contacts, followed by the step-by-step selection and screening of the potential candidates. 

Here are some of the practically beneficial ways how recruiters use LinkedIn to source their candidates:

Industry Groups

Recruiters invest their time visiting and exploring the relevant LinkedIn groups, especially in the industries they deal with. They go through the content and find out the most engaging discussions to see who actively contributes by providing insightful points and the people who post articles related to their professional interests. 

Rival companies

Recruiters often target candidates who are already doing the same job or a similar job. It helps them find the right candidate to fill in their rival company. To find such best-suited candidates, recruiters search by targeting the company name related to specific skills and titles. 

Observing who is recommending people

When you endorse or recommend people on LinkedIn, it goes in their profile as well as yours. Recruiters also search for people who approve or recommend others. When you endorse others, you portray yourself as a team player who respects others for their work. Moreover, it shows you know enough to evaluate them positively. Recruiters are likely to prefer such candidates to their client companies.

Finding similar people to ones they already know

Recruiters continuously search for candidates and the suggestions that LinkedIn provides along with additional candidates that are similar to their original searches. Candidates with massive connections are likely to appear prominently in recruiter searches due to relevant suggestions provided by LinkedIn. Therefore, having a suitable set of networks on Linkedin is beneficial in the long run. 

Finding alumni from specific colleges or universities

The executive search recruiters often indulge in finding a group of strong-fit employees from a set of particular universities or colleges. The process involves searching for those targeted educational institutes’ and hunting down their alumni networks to find out the potential candidates. 

Using Google to search LinkedIn’s public profile

The executive search hiring company can employ complex searches for public profiles on LinkedIn using Google rather than visiting LinkedIn. Recruiters will review candidates’ public profiles to determine whether they are an ideal fit for the client companies. 

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