10 Qualities of a Good Recruiter

Human resources make an organization successful. Its importance cannot be emphasized enough; therefore, you must recruit carefully and ensure that an ideal candidate is chosen for the company’s benefit. Searching for outstanding talent is not an easy job.

Therefore, the recruiter must have the following qualities which are non-negotiable on this part:

  1. Good communication skills- Communication skills make a big difference. However, they are often neglected on the recruiter’s part. You must be well-versed in verbal and non-verbal communication. Your vocabulary should be simple and non-confusing.
  2. Aware of the organization’s policies- You must choose an ideal candidate by analyzing his skills and capabilities. However, it is also essential for him/her to trust the organization. Therefore, you must brief the candidate about the organization in detail, its policies, rules, culture, and objectives.
  3. Good at managing expectations- A company and its employees must work harmoniously. However, they have different expectations, which you must be able to balance out. You have to adhere to the organization’s requirements and the candidate’s needs.
  4. Collaborative- Usually, the hiring department and the leaders stay out of the recruitment process. However, you must involve them in this process. It will help the reporting manager and potential employees to get an insight into each other.
  5. Strong networking- Recruitment is about hiring the right person for the right job. However, identifying a pool of potential candidates is also a tough job. Therefore, you should have a strong networking game. Connecting with qualified individuals can help you identify talented candidates.
  6. Foresightedness- Recruitment is a continuous process for big organizations. However, this does not mean that the bigger picture should be compromised. While selecting, you must focus on the company’s long-term vision and talent management process.
  7. Good marketing skills- Marketing is a common term in the business world. However, its association with recruitment is often overlooked. Recruitment is about marketing the company in front of potential candidates. You must have good marketing skills and focus on the right marketing tools and strategies for welcoming talented candidates.
  8. Trustworthy- Recruitment builds a relationship between the organization and the candidate. However, qualities like trust and integrity are often underestimated. You must ensure that no vital information is hidden from the candidate and the company and the information shared with both parties is authentic.
  9. Critical thinker- Factual decisions are best justified. However, we are often distracted from these. You must think critically and factually and make a decision only after evaluating all the information.
  10. Good technical skills Technology has made everything easier. It is our job to stay updated with these technological innovations. As a recruiter, you should be well-versed with hiring technologies like applicant tracking systems and performance management platforms.

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