Debunking the Top 5 Myths about Executive Search Firms

Human resource is what drives an organization. However, searching for these talented individuals is not easy. Companies have to give a lot of time to recruitment and selecting the fittest candidate. A significant link between the company and these candidates is executive search firms.

However, many companies doubt hiring them because of the following myths:

  1. You can find talented candidates by using multiple job boards- You may assume that you can hire executives by posting about the openings on the digital job boards. However, you might not be aware of the efforts that go into an executive search. You must also know that best-fit candidates do not even post profiles on these job boards. Executive search firms have a strong network consisting of candidates that have been carefully sourced and screened.
  2. A good job description can find you the right candidate- A job description cannot market your company in the best way and persuade a candidate to work for you. It is primarily used to screen out unfit candidates. Relying only on the job description will lead to missing out on some good candidates. HR executive search firms can convince C-suite talent to consider your organization.
  3. Hiring friends or referrals is a good choice- You would want to help someone in need by hiring them. But, this does not build up a solid and talented workforce. You will not find top talent in your neighborhood or down the street. You will find it working in some other organization, increasing the revenue, managing the operations, or running a department. Executive search firms help define the skills that your organization needs, identify the top candidates, and attract them to work for you.
  4. Executive recruiters have a pool of candidates ready and do not conduct any search- Every company has a different culture and requires an employee with a unique skill set. Similarly, the candidates also have their expectations regarding the company they would want to work in. Executive search firms try to maintain a balance between the two. For this, they conduct an extensive search. They develop a list of potential candidates, assess each one of them against the job opening and the company’s requirements. Then, they conduct multiple interviews and present the shortlisted candidates to you. You must hire an executive search firm as you might not have the time or the expertise to follow this process.
  5. You can find top talent yourself as the unemployment rate is highAs the economy is struggling, there is a high unemployment rate. However, this does not mean that the top-tier candidates are unemployed. Therefore, irrespective of the economy, top talent is hard to come across. Executive search firms can get them onboard for you using their connections. 

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